New builds and renovations 

Start with a good foundation and the rest will follow.

Positive client relationships and client satisfaction are essential to our business success in the building industry. Our success comes from solid relationships with our clients which is maintained throughout the construction, handover and maintenance periods. Meeting with our clients regularly during construction improves the process of the build. We suggest arranging inspections at each stage of construction to give our clients the opportunity to resolve any concerns our clients may have as they come up during construction. Clients who are satisfied with the quality of our work and our professionalism are far more likely to recommend us to others. 

A good foundation is equally important to building a strong company. As a client of Gold Coast Underpinning and Construction you can be assured of the highest level of service, professionalism and skill which is reflected in each of our builds.

Realistically building your dream home is not easy. It takes a lot of planning and communication to produce a luxury build. 

We look forward to having a great relationship with you and providing you with that dream home.